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These photos were taken at ICAT demonstration and practice shows. Most of equipment is set in the Basic (beginner) configuration. There are several cats ready for Intermediate and Advanced levels, with the jumps higher and ramp tables pulled apart to create a gap between them.

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Papparazi, the famous Himalayan, in action during the first clean run on an ICAT course!jumping himi

Ryan and Gunner the Sphynx coming down the ramp2brian

Melody the Munchkin longhair racing through the tunnelfluffytailedmunchkin

Getting a young silver tabby American Shorthair accustomed to the hoop jumpsilvertabby

An Abysinnian running along nicelyaby through the tunnel

Around the corner they goa and dolly running

Seth and Dancer (who wants to go back into the agility ring) and his blue ribbonsethanddancer

Seth and Dancer the Bengal doing the ladder walkladderwalk

This jump is an Intermediate level obstacle, using double hoops and higher legs for the framedouble hoops

With the ramp tables apart, this jump is at the Intermediate levelintermediate

Suzanne Jeanmenne and Ziggy the Maine Coons and z

Ziggy the Maine Coon on Sunday afternoon, after many times around the agility course all weekendziggysnoozing

A Savannah thinking about going up the ramp walk, first time in the agility ringthinking

Another Savannah, doing the hoop jump with easesavannah

Candy Cane Lane weave poles in Tucson, Dec 2003candy cane lane

Stay table assist over bar jump, and Santa cactuses, Tucson, Dec 2003stay table assist over bar jump

A wreath makes a great hoop jump!wreath jump

Notice the small table assisting the higher jump, a training method for introduction to the Intermediate level.wreath jump

Through the hoop, turning towards the next obstacleturning

Dancer the Bengal is running the agility course alone at a photo session for a newspaper article -- she loves the agility ring!dancer running alone


Dancer going around the agility course aloneDancer cat agility bengal


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