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Cats are very intelligent, and easily trainable!

Practice for agility can be done around the house (over the bed, chair to chair, under the table, etc.) How young should you start cat agility? Taty Kalani started Stardust at five weeks at home as you can see in this video (2.3Mb) - Play with your cat every day!

Train with patience, respect and affection, because domestic cats are colony animals (not pack animals, like dogs are), and cats have a more cooperative nature than is customarily recognized. Take time to decode their communication and form a connection with your cat -- you will both enjoy it. See pictures of Training at Home. - Focusing on the beauty from within.

In Pictures of cats in action on the agility course, you can see how much they enoy it. - Cat agility is fun for you AND your cat!

Clicker training is works well. Wendy Jeffries has answered questions about it on the ICAT-Events discussion group, and chairs a Cat Clicker Training discussion group, both of which you are welcome to participate in.

Miriam Fields-Babineau has been training animal actors for 25 years, and has a Cat Corner and Training Demonstration page and calendar on her website.

There is also an interesting video clip on the cat section of Karen Pryor's clickertraining.com website, of a clicker trained agility cat. What is clicker training?

Note : Clickers should not be used in the agility ring. Clicks are not commands, they are bridges to connect behavior to command, and are not needed (except as reinforcers when training or practicing at home) in the agility ring. The agility ring at shows is not meant for training, as other cats in the hall will easily hear the clicker, too.

For very entertaining cat tales, both training and other adventures, try Lisa-Maria Padilla's MeowClick. For a website with an astonishing amount of interesting information about cats, visit Sarah Hartwell's MessyBeast site.

Most of all, love, patience and practice are what makes great agility cats!





ClickerExpos are produced by Karen Pryor's ClickerTraining.com company

Cat clicker training book
Clicker Magic VHS Tape
by Karen Pryor



BASIC course, and Crazy 8

Build your own Basic set to the Specifications out of any mater

Have fun running your cat around your house

"Creating Your Own Cat Agility Course," Friskies® Cat Food website

Living Friskies®

Home-made Fun Obstacles

Action Pet, booklet available soon


Bar Jump

Easy bar jump instructions using boxes and mailng tube


Hoop / Loop Jump

Wal-Mart has several sizes of hula hoops, as might other toy departments

How to Make a Hoop


Weave Poles

K B Toys has Sports Cones

Sports Cones as Weave Poles Product Picture


K B Toys is a chain of toy stores found in shopping centers. They have the big orange 6" tunnels, and the safety cones for weave poles.

Pop up laundry basket tunnels, cut away the bottom circle, 2' long, available from Target and Wal-Mart,

Another source of inexpensive, flexible tunnels and playhuts, California Fun Toys, with free shipping in the U.S.A. In Europe, the IKEA stores have tunnels as a seasonal item, and they are available now in the children's toys department.

20 inches long tunnel, 18" diameter, California Fun Toys, $13.95 Playhut EZ Connect Tunnel  ( FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA )
3 feet long tunnel, California Fun Toys, $17.95 Play tunnel (FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA)
6 feet long, 18" diameter, California Fun Toys, $32.95 Multi Color 6 Foot Play Tunnel ( FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA )
6 feet long tunnels 19" diameter, California Fun Toys, $27.95 6 Foot Play Tunnel ( FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA)


Lure Toys

In order to get the cats moving so you can encourage them and shape their behavior for doing the obstacles, luring with a toy works very well.

dragonfly cat toy

The most highly recommended toy is the Dragonfly, pictured above, with the shortened (6") wire. Cats are attracted to it, and the short stiff wire gives good directional control for the cat. It is made by Tom Reed through Dragonfly Cat Toys directly or through various eBay auctions.

Da Bird

Also recommended is Da Bird cat toy, pictured above, but with the string shortened to about 6" on a shortened stick. It is available from cat show vendors, some pet stores, and eBay.


Enclosure Ideas

Note: A low Spectator Barrier set back about 2 feet from the ring should be used with most ring arrangements. It keeps people from pulling on the netting, and the cats don't see people's feet and legs, which results in faster learning, more Clean Runs and better times.

You can create your own containment system, with recommended height not lower than 5 feet.


1 1/4" x 1 1/2" Mesh

Seamar Sports Netting

- OR -


- OR -

Friendly Fence for Cats, with a 7.5' x 100' roll of fencing

Purrfect Fence for Cats using their "C" on this Netting link. Contact Deena Seligsohn.

- OR -

Carry Bag For Instant Pop Up Tents





Convert from Feet to Meters, click here.

Convert from Meters to Feet, click here.

More Home Built Agility Equipment Ideas link

Agility Dog


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