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Suggested a gility equipment has three components

  1. Obstacles -- Obstacles have an "important dimensions" like distance or height. The Specifications page has the "important dimensions" indicated for each obstacle. Materials may vary, like wood, pvc, aluminum, plastic, or whatever is available.
  2. Flooring -- If you have a carpeted show hall, floor mats are unnecessary. However, cat agility shouldn't be done on bare concrete or wooden floors, or else people and cats would be slipping and sliding everywhere. Use a tarpauline taped down, maybe with non-skid rubber underneath. Or try square rubber flooring sections like those available at Sam's Club and Costco.
  3. Fencing -- Any fencing will do as long as it is about 5 feet high.

It is extremely highly recommended there be a solid barrier (curtains, continuous advertising signs, tablecloths, or just about anything) about 2 or 3 feet high around the perimeter.

We have found the the cats are MUCH more comfortable when they can't see people's feet, their learning goes faster, the number of clean runs increases, and performance times are better.

The difference is dramatic between performances in a draped and non-draped agility arena.

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