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Any materials used to make the obstacles are okay, as long as they meet the important dimension.

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Bar Jump


Important Dimension


Height of jump, measured to top of highest bar
Width of jump, measured to outside edges
69 cm
2' 3"

siames agility cat over the bar jump

Jump cat agility hurdle
bar jump

Hoop / Loop Jump



Important Dimension


Height of jump, measured to top of bottom of circle
26 cm
Height of obstacle, measured to top of obstacle - Open half-circles are okay
78 cm
2' 6"
Diameter of circle, measured on the inside
45 cm
1' 6"
Overall width of obstacle
52 cm
1' 8"


loop jump 300

gunner through the hoops
half hoop

Weave Poles / Slalom --- will probably be replaced by three very low tables graduated in height


Important Dimension


Distance apart, measured from center to center of poles - Basic
45,7 cm
1' 6"
Height of poles

Cats may enter the slalom from either the right or left side.

ppp Slalom cat agility





Floor Covering

Floor covering must be soft and provide traction on ALL courses, or it will not be an ICAT event.

Important Dimension


Basic, regular course
3 m x 6 m
10' x 20'

tube for circle Tube pipe insulation, 6’ length, Home Depot, $2

floor mats  aam



The ladder squares measure 20 inches on the outside of one square.

Basic course uses 3 squares.

Height of ladder is 3.5 inches to the top.

The important dimensions length of square and height.



lasser in syracuse




tent 2, First-Up 10' x 10' Gazebo, Wal-Mart, $94 each (roof not used)

netting2, First-Up 10' x 10' Gazebo Screen Curtain netting, Wal-Mart, $30 each

Perimeter fencing should be at least 1,5 meters, 5 feet high, ideally 1,8 meters, 6 feet high, although 1,2 meters, 4 feet has also been successful. Very few cats have ever tried to escape (about 3 out of 800 so far).


If a cat is very frightened, the Agility Offical will request it be removed from the agility ring before it has a chance to want to escape.Cat agility is supposed to be fun for the cats, too!

petexpo3 Russelheim Germany ICAT cat agility ring

The above courses do not have the recommend low curtains.

<-- Notice the solid bottom covering around this arena, which yields better concentration by the cats and much faster course times.

Ideally, the low curtains are not attached to the fencing, but rather are about 2 feet back from the fencing for better visibility.

The two photos below are of the Basic course.

Basic course in Syracuse

basic course



tunnels  Pop-up laundry hamper, 3 feet, Wal-Mart, $9

  3’ or 6’ long tunnels also available from some toy stores, like KB Toys




parts Using 3 boxes Sportcraft Ladder Ball set (two per set), Wal-Mart, $19 each set, provides plenty of pvc pipe pieces, no cutting required to make an agilty course, just rearranging. Joints may need tape.

legs Ladder legs, electrical pvc pipe, 90 degree and 45 degree, Home Depot, $2 each

tarpTarp, 12’x24’, Wal-Mart, about $10

skid Non-skid rug padding for under tarp, Wal-Mart, about $40

table skirt Table skirting to surround enclosure, about $3 each.




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