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Pleasanton, California, July 22-23, 2006

The photos show the Agility-in-a-Bag set, which is easy to make, inexpensive (under $400 complete), fits into one duffle bag, and weighs just under 50 lbs so it can be checked as luggage on an airplane.

A shopping list (mostly Wal-Mart and Home Depot items) and assembly instructions will be prepared soon.


Agility in a Bag before set up



after unpacking agility in a bag


agility in a bag unpacked


cat agility course


all in one bag Basic agility course

Tati on the cat agility course

cat agility

Sphynx around the weave poles Sphynx on the cat agility course doing the ladder run

Photos by Boris Ehret, taken in France, Germany and Switzerland, 2006

A Persian with perfect form going through the hoop Persian and hoop jump

Learning the obstacles...Over the hoop?

Citronelle and young friend

New cross-over obstacle for Advanced course, with increased handler skill needed to guide the cat through the tunnel, or go from table-to-table over it Crossover center obstacle


Maine Coon through the hoop jump


Cat Agility Course

big jump for a Persian kitten in Arras

Persian learning to go over the hurdle

Siamese and young handler Easy learning for a kitten
Citronelle learning the weave poles in Charleville France Learning the weave poles

Citronelle in Charleville with makeshift fencing

Learning the hoop jump


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