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TICA Annual, Syracuse, New York

September 3-4, 2005

Syracuse was the first time for the new smaller 10 feet x 20 feet Basic course to be used at a cat show (although it has been well tested at agility training classes), and 22 cats successfully earned their Crazy 8 Agility Skill Certificates, with several earning Clean Runs toward the Basic Agility Cat (BAC) title.

This Basic course will be a many upcoming cat shows, and the Schedule lists which course (Basic or Advanced) is planned at each event.

Basic arena 10 x 20




Cindy Skipchak's black-and-white Persian earned his Crazy 8 Agility Skill Certificate -- even completing the jumps three times!

syracuse ny 2


Karen Frankenfeld's black and white Exotic Shorthair liked doing the half-hoop jump

syracuse 8

Haruyo Tomanari and a fast Abyssinian who learned the obstacles very quickly

syracuse 6

Jasper, a household pet, watched some begginers and an experienced agility cat do the course. Afterwards, he went into the agility ring for his second try, and did so well he earned a Crazy 8 Agility Skill Certificate and 1 Clean Run towards his Basic Agility Cat (BAC) championship title with owner/handler Doug Cleminshaw!

Jasper watching the experienced agility cats do it

Watching with Jasper
syracuse ny 3
syracuse ny 1 syracuse ny 4
syracuse ny 5 syracuse 7

Altheim, Austria, October 1-2, 2005

cat going through hoop

altheim austria


A Ragdoll enters the tunnel

Ragdoll entering the tunnel

Rookie, a Snowshoe owned by Adrienne Hahn

ICAT Charter Agility Cat # 41


Rookie says,

“I’ve finished my agility training session. 

Where’s my masseuse?” 



Thank you for this wonderful photo, Adrienne!

Rookie relaxing on the ironing board

Florida Sun Cats, Green Cove Springs (Jacksonville), Florida, March 11-12, 2005

Fast cat, slow handler...
Honey at the double hoop

fast cat, slow handler

honey at the hoop
Honey exits ladder, dashes to tunnel

An ideal ICAT set-up! Notice the black wrapping.

honey exits tunnel cat agililty arena
Dawn on the tables
Lynx on the ladder
dawn ladder cat agility
Winter, 1st Place Kitten Winner
Casanova, 2nd Place Kitten Winner
winter kitten winner

"Cat Agility Tournament Tryouts" at Petco stores in Florida on February 26 and March 5, as part of the publicity for the Florida Sun Cats show on March 12-13, 2005



Thank you for the photos, Dave Van Der Zee!

Petco flyer enlarged ppetco cat agility tryouts display
cat agility tryouts at petco 5
cat agility tryouts at petco 2
cat agility tryouts at petco 6
cat agility tryouts at petco 4
  cat agility tryouts at petco 3


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