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What is ICAT?

International Cat Agility Tournaments (ICAT) is devoted to creating a new category of cat competition in which cats negotiate an obstacle course designed to display their speed, coordination, beauty of movement, physical conditioning, intelligence, training, and the quality and depth of their relationship with their owner, who trains with them and guides them through the course.

What does ICAT do?

and, does everything else it can to encourage healthy, beautiful cats and playful cat-and-human interactions through cat agility contests.

Membership in ICAT is free, because the most important thing is your contribution of energy, ideas, enthusiasm and participation to help build cat agility into a fun sport. To join ICAT, add your email address to our ICAT-Events group, from that page search for "ICAT" and join. This is how we keep in touch with each other worldwide.

Read the Articles about ICAT. During our first year, ICAT has already been honored to receive two important Awards.

Benefits to Clubs

  • Increased income from more exhibitors in the regular cat show, and increased exhibition only benching income. 
  • Increased spectator income, because cat agility is visual, novel, amusing to watch and draws large audiences.
  • Better newspaper and television show publicity opportunities, because cat agility is interesting and entertaining.  
  • Embraces their affiliate association’s goals. Many of the world’s cat associations have the generally common aims of educating about and promoting the welfare, exhibiting and care of cats.

Benefits to Cats

  • ICAT builds awareness among the public of how intelligent, beautiful, trainable and companionable cats are, which will benefit all cats, everywhere.
  • Health and happiness for the cats,. "Cat agility contests are fun for you AND your cat.”
  • Household Pets are on equal footing as pedigreed cats, competing for the same titles and running the same courses.

Benefits to Breeders and Exhibitors

  • Recognition of their cat’s healthy physical and mental condition,  Focusing on the beauty from within.
  • Increased sales if the kitten’s relatives are ICAT agility winners, and thus the kitten is from a generally physically and mentally healthy family.

Benefits to Cat Owners

  • Closer relationship with their cats, Play with your cat every day.”
  • Training for agility can be done inside the house, takes little space, and is inexpensive.
  • It is something to “do” with your cat, and gives your cat an advanced way to interact with you.
  • The skills learned about training can be applied to your own sport programs.  For instance, applied operant conditioning (clicker training) is used by gymnastic coaches.  But luring with a toy works just as well until the cat "gets it."
  • The understanding of cats’ colony social structure creates vocabulary for sociology and communication studies, and lifetime respect for cats’ abilities.

hisako and her british shorthair

Watching the agility ring action while waiting

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