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Sporty felines show off agility -- Cat agility organizer says dogs do it for praise, cats to it for themselves, by Karen Lazaruk, Senior Reporter, Airdrie Echo, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada, May 17, 2006

Cat Agility video, Spring 2005. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the video link. The narration is in French.
France 3 television
"Holy catwalk! Felines strut their stuff," by Christian Zaviska, South Bend Tribune, South Bend, Indiana, September 6, 2005
south bend tribune, indiana
"2 New Books Weigh in on Obesity in Dogs, Cats," by Mary Beth Faller of The Arizona Republic, July 28, 2005
The Arizona Republic
"When Cats Compete," video, News4Jax, March 11, 2005
"Roanoke's first cat agility tournament draws claws from many areas," by Mason Adams of The Roanoke Times (click on the photo of the kitten to see a slide show)
roanoke times
"Cats try new course," by Hannan Adely, The Journal News of Westchester County, New York
journal news cat agility
"Le cat-agility au Wacken," France 3 television, November 15, 2004
France 3 television
"Train a cat to do tricks? You must be kidding," World Wide Pet Supply Association, November 2004
Cliquez ici !
"Cats can try agility at regional cat show next weekend," The Wichita Eagle, November 7, 2004, plus a wonderful article on November 14 which was in print only
"Agility enthusiasts have their cats jumping through hoops," by Rebecca Jones, Rocky Mountain News, November 1, 2004
"Even Black Cats Can Be Lucky On Halloween," by Rozanna Martinez, Albuquerque Journal, October 27, 2004
"Steer, Kitty, Kitty," by Sheba Wheeler, Denver Post, and Palo Alto Daily News, July 22, 2004
Denver Post

"Jumping Through Hoops," by Lisa-Maria Padilla, Your Cat Magazine (U.K.), July 2004

(online link not available, so please order an issue by clicking the Your Cat logo to the right)

Your Cat magazine

"Cat Agility Competition 'Launches' Onto the Scene," by Lisa-Maria Padilla, CFA Almanc, Cat Fanciers' Association, June/July 2004

(no link to the article available yet, so please order an issue by clicking the magazine cover to the right)

Cat Fanciers' Almanac
"Agility," Norwich Bulletin, May 2, 2004
company logo
"Feline Athletes in Action," by Nancy Marano, Catnip Newsletter, Tufts University, School of Veterinary Medicine, April 2004
catniptl.gif (4693 bytes)
"Tournaments Prove Cats Can Be Taught Some New Tricks," by Joseph Brean, Toronto National Post, April 15, 2004
Chicago Sun-Times
"New Contest Tests Cats' Agility," by Dru Sefton, Newhouse News Service, April 12, 2004
sea tp
The Enquirer newspaper
"Cat Agility," with photos by Faye Heath of cats being trained on the Basic level course, ShowCatsOnline.com, March 2004
iVillage logo for link
"Cat Agility, I don't believe it!," by Nancy Morano, PETroglyphs, New Mexico, Winter 2004
New Mexico's Pet Resource
"ICAT Leaps to Life," by Jaen Treesinger and Nancy Prince, Bengal Bulletin, Sept 2003
"Agility Cats," by Debra Theriault, Yankee Dog ("All the News that's Fit to Sniff"), December 2003
Yankee Dog title bar
"Cats demonstrate agility, aptitude at tournaments," by Denise Flaim, Newsday, Lawrence Journal-World, Lawrence, KS, November 30, 2003
LJWorld.com | The Lawrence Journal-World
"Cats in Motion," by Diane McCartney, Wichita Eagle, Wichita, Kansas, Dec 7, 2003 (Note: A nice article, but they charge $2.95 to read it in their archives.)
The Wichita Eagle
































Press Release

Here is a sample Press Release which clubs may modify, written by Laura Cunningham for the Sacramento, CA show in January 2004. Thank you, Laura, for providing the sample for ICAT to use.

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MeowClick, adventures with Lisa-Maria Padilla's cats. A columnist in the CFA Almanac and contributor to many magzines, Lisa-Maria has written about cat agility from her cat's point of view.
meowclick logo
"Ancient remains could be oldest pet cat," New Scientist, April 8, 2004


"Girl chimps learn faster than boys," by Michael Hopkin, Nature, April 15, 2004


"In this cat act, fur doesn't fly," by Lawrence Toppman, The Charlotte Observer, April 23, 2004
Messybeast Cat Resource Archive, by Sarah Hartwell
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