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World of Pets, Pet Expo, in Baltimore, Maryland, January 29-30, 2005
"Brisco County Jr.," an ICAT Charter Agility Cat, tries out the course. Owner/handler Cathy Zimmer
petexpocatagility2 petexpo1
petexpo3 expcatagility2


Roanoke, Virginia, Star City ICAT Club, January 22-23, 2005

The Junior Handler winners: 3rd Chelsea Parker and sisters & Dominick, 1st Ken McCulloch & Skymaster, 2nd Caroline Melia & Tate


The winning adult agilty cats and their handers: 3rd Place Sandy Scheurer & Frosty,2nd Place Bruce Alexy & Autumn, 1st Place Deb Hayes & Durango

junior handler cat agility winners
Bruce Alexy & Autumn below Carolyn Causey & Skyawk the 1st Place Kitten
bruce and aby ocicate cat agility kitten winner
Suzi and Duffy
Crackers, the eager agility cat
suzi and duffy in the cat agility ring
Martha Auspitz and her Maine Coon
Carolyn Shelbourne and aptly-named Tank
Sam does the tunnel
Burmese kitten, halfway around the course



Novi, Michigan

November 22-23, 2004

Photos courtesy of Viv Frawley, and Ego Prints, and can be used for ICAT publicity.
Vivian Frawley and Linus, who comes to her when she whistles Red River Valley. No lure needed.
Linus learning the weave poles
sdfg ppp
Linus does the double hoop jump like a pro
The clock stops when he touches down his front paws
sss aaa
Out of the tunnel toward the bar jump
Linus easily does the bar jump
asdf fff
Linus makes it through the curved long tunnel
Pawsing for admiration after the tunnel
ff tyj
Up and over the double hoop
Almost... looks like a good place to hang out
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Strasbourg, France, November 13-14, 2005

strasbourg cat agility

strasbourg cat agility 2

James Garcia and Spirit, June 2004, Tampa, Floridacat agility florida james and spirit


spirit agility cat


Spirit running the ladder

Spirit, a Bengal male, was overall 1st Place winner, and James was 1st Place Junior Handler. What a great team they are together!

james and spirit first place winners

White Plains, NY, November 21-22, 2004, ICAT ring up on the stage

White Plains cat agility ring on the stage

Ree Hertzson, with Packer, who she ran to a World Record time of 14:50 seconds on the Basic course. Packer was the 1st Place Winner in Syracuse, NY, and 1st Place Winner in White Plains, NY. Go Packer!

Packer agility cat

Siames cat learning the agility course in White Plains, NY

siames agility cat over the bar jump

siamese cat up the agility ramp
siamesehoop bengal agility cat

Jane Lee with Gunner. Gunner holds the second highest Kitten World Record, with a run in Syracuse of 22:00 seconds. At right is Guner going through the final hoop jump.

jane lee and gunner

gunner through the hoops


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