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Best Times and Standings

Listed below are the "personal best" times for each of the Junior Handlers who have done timed on the ICAT agility course, sorted by time and faults. Junior Handlers may run their own or someone else's cat or kitten. Also listed is their placement among the top 3 Junior Handlers at the competition.

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Junior Handler Name Cat Name Breed Owned By Time, Faults 2005 in green 2004 in orange
Taty Kalani Ciniron Bengal Rhonda Haufte 15:00, 0 1st Salt Lake City
Sara Grace Hastings Darrius Bengal Sara Grace Hastings 19:25, 0 1st Syracuse
Melissa Berg Dallas Household Pet Melissa Berg 30:04, 0 1st Seattle
James Garcia



Sheila Dentico 1:12:13, 0 1st Syracuse
Xan McCulloch Skymaster Ocicat Anne McCulloch 1:39:22, 0 1st Roanoke
Seth Flagel Ciniron Bengal Rhonda Haufte 20:15, 1 1st Albuquerque
James Garcia Spirit Bengal James Garcia   1st Tampa
Katie Bensen Smokin'   Katie Benson   1st Wichita
Caroline Lelia Tate Burmese Caroline Melia 1:00:36, 3 2nd Roanoke
Stephani Dell Jack Maine Coon Stephani Dell 1:53:66, 4 2nd Seattle
Chelsea Parker Dominick Tonkinese Parker Family 2:59:00, 6 3rd Roanoke
Jamie Rohan Asia Bengal Rohan Family 57:71, 25 1st Reno


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