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Best Times, Clean Runs, Record Holders and Standings

Listed below are the "personal best" times for each of the cats and kittens who have been timed on the ICAT agility course, sorted first by time and then by faults. Also listed are the number of Clean Runs (it takes 9 to earn an Agility Cat championship) for the adult cats, and if they placed among the top 3 cats at the competition.

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ICAT Reg. No.

Cat's Name, Agility Cat Title Breed or House Cat Owner, Handler Personal Best Time, Faults, World Rank Clean Runs earned toward Agility Cat Championship

2005 in green 2004 in orange

Basic Level Course:
38 Zoom, ACE Bengal Laurie Ann Bone

9:97 Seconds, 0 Faults, World Record

1 Port Moody, 2 Victoria (11 total, to be updated)

1st Port Moody

  Packer Bengal Ree Hertzson

14:50, 0, 2nd

2 Syracuse, 2 White Plains

1st Syracuse, 1st White Plains

  Kodiak Bengal Joy Peel 20:00, 0, 3rd 2 White Plains 2nd Syracuse
  Shadowfax Russian Blue Amanda Bright 27:25, 0, 4th 2 Seattle 1st Seattle
  Dray Abyssinian Rene Knapp 28:08, 0,5th 2 Syracuse 2nd White Plains
  Kurosawi Japanese Bobtail Jeanne Johnson 28:64, 0, 6th 1 Syracuse 3rd Syracuse
36 Durango Turkish Van Deb Hayes 36:19, 0, 7th 2 Roanoke 1st Roanoke
  Autumn Abyssinian Bruce Alexy 36:28, 0, 8th 2 Roanoke 2nd Roanoke
  Cody Maine Coon Paula McCann 36:37, 0 , 9th 2 Seattle 2nd Seattle
  Moonlit Knight Savannah Arden Morley 39:72, 0, 10th 1 Reno 1st Reno
  Killy Ocicat Poppy Scholfield, Roy Yates 53:00, 0 1 Portland, 2 Edmonton, 2 Salt Lake City, 1 Seattle 3rd Portland, 1st Edmonton, 3rd Seattle
  Piper Household Pet Missy Berg 58:00, 0, 10th 1 Portland 2nd Portland
  Miki Moto Japanese Bobtail David Veeder 1:17:00, 0 1 White Plains 3rd White Plains
  Frosty Abyssinian Sandy Scheurer 1:21:09, 0 1 Roanoke 3rd Roanoke
  Brat Ocicat Sue Riley 1:18:00, 0 1 Denver (Brat did the first Clean Run in the history of ICAT competition!) 1st Denver
  Mischief Household Pet Felicity Harder 1:48:31, 0 1 Reno 2nd Reno
  Diamond Burmese Carol Grossman 2:58:00, 0 1 Denver 2nd Denver
13 Violetta Abyssinian Evelyn Grado Wolynies 44:00, 1   2nd Edmonton
  Nemo Household Pet Geri Cupo 1:18:00, 1   1st Deland
  Mojo Maine Coon Tylene Mackay 28:00, 2   2nd Deland
  Joey Oriental Shorthair Terri Zettler 1:35:00, 2   3rd Deland
  Allegro Birman Deb Hayes 2:31:37, 3   4th Roanoke
Advanced Level Course:
  (none yet)          


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