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To become an ICAT Agility Official, you need to be familiar with the rules, scoring, course layouts and titles, plus apprentice at least once with an Agility Official. The training AO will recommend more apprenticing or advancement. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an ICAT Agility Official, and check the Schedule to find ICAT events to apprentice at.

Click on the AO's name to send an email. Listed alphabetically.


Sandy Adler


White Plains, New York
Laurie Ann Bone AO, AO Trainer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Robin Chamberlain AO Rockford, Illinois
Steven Corneille AO Cuffies, France
Amy Driscoll AO Toledo, Ohio
Boris Ehret AO, AO Trainer Zurich, Switzerland
Adrienne Hahn AO Bloomington, Illinois
Julia Jennings


Auburn, New York
Marilyn Jensen AO Las Cruces, NM
Bill Lee AO Okemos, Michigan
Susan Lee AO, AO Trainer Okemos, Michigan
Tania Miles AO New Whiteland, Indiana
Charlotte Norris AO Augusta, Kansas
Vickie Shields AO, AO Trainer Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jan Sinclair, (604) 942-8873 AO Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Laura Sabourin AO St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Sal Vitale AO, AO Trainer Baltimore, Maryland
Franziska Waldmann AO Beinwil, Switzerland
Lindsey Wright AO Trainee Hook, Hampshire, U.K.



Soraya Porter AO Trainee Manningtree, Suffolk, U.K.
Pam Barrett AO Trainee Portland, Oregon
Jacklyn Catena AO Trainee Calumet, Oklahoma
Margee Cullivan AO Trainee, Apprenticing in Pleasanton, CA, July 23-22, 2006 Dixon, California
Deb Decker AO Trainee Houston, Texas
Andrea Dorn AO Trainee Ames, Iowa
Allison Jowett AO Trainee Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Nancy Miller AO Trainee Michigan
Whitney Nickel AO Trainee Belleville, Michigan
Roz Wood AO Trainee U.K.
Martin Wood AO Trainee U.K.
Hanne Nielsen AO Trainee Denmark
Christian Romeril AO Trainee Somerset, U.K.
Maia Sornson AO Trainee Calumet, Oklahoma
Yan H AO Trainee Caerphilly, U.K.

If entering a cat in a regular cat show coinciding with an ICAT event, the officiating Agility Official might consider finding a helper to take the cat to the judges in order to attend to the ICAT agility ring, or maybe arrange to have an AO or AO Trainee at the ring while away from it. Being the ICAT Agility Official is a responsibility and a great source of satsifaction. At a busy show, it requires giving a lot of attention, cheerleading, coaching, encouraging, training, and orientation of handlers and cats.

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