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Rüsselsheim, Germany, October 23-24, 2004

First ICAT event in Europe!

For more European ICAT information, you are invited to visit www.icat.ch, the website of ICAT Europe



Russelheim Germany ICAT cat agility ring
sphynx cat agility course russelheim germany
agility cat germany
cat agility russian blue cat russelheim germany

Winners, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Sept. 4-5, 2004, at the TICA Annual

edmonton cat agility winners 1



L to R -- Pamela and Wind Dancer, 2nd Place Kitten, :23; Evelyn Grado-Wolynies and Violetta, 2nd Place Cat, 1:44; Pam Gutzinger and Crystal, 3rd Place Kitten, :24; Roy and Poppy Sheffield and Killimanjaro, 1st Place Cat, :53, and Carlas Smith with Gunner, 1st Place Kitten and World Record Holder Kitten, :22

Cat Agility 1st Place Winner Deland FL Aug 22 04


sign cat agility deland florida cfa show

1st Place Winner, Nemo a 10 year hold house cat, was the in Deland, FL on August 21-22. 1 Fault, Time 1:18 Deland, Florida, Aug 21-22, 2004
Record holing agility kitten 22 seconds Carlas and Gunner Edmontaon agility cat the Aby Violetta
Carlas Smith and Gunner, the current world record holder Kitten, with a speedy Clean Run course time of 22 seconds!
Evelyn Grado-Wolynies and Violetta, the Aby who thrilled us all on Saturday as she ran the course over and over again for the sheer pleasure of it! And Evelyn did a good job of keeping up with Violetta.



First Clean Run, and first 1st Place Winner!

Sue Riley and Brat, her 5 year old Ocicat, have accomplished being the first timed Clean Run, and also the first 1st Place Winner when they raced to victory in Denver on Aug. 7-8! Brat goes down in ICAT history!

Brat showing his winning form going over the bar jump,








ragdoll winner

Sue Riley wins again, with Selena, an Ocicat -- 2nd Place Kitten!
1st Place Kitten Winner, a Ragdoll kitten
kitten on the course rest time
Kitten on the course
"Rest Time," photo by Arnold Farley
cat agility carol and diamond


2nd Place Winner, Carol Grossman and Diamond, her 3-year old Burmese
3rd Place Kitten

Cayenne agility cat over the bar jump



agility cat

Cayenne, a Bengal, shows her excellent form and speed on the course in Switzerland Charnushka, a Bengal, doing a table jump
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